School Led Tutoring Plan

The School-Led Tutoring Grant is one of the three National Tutoring Programmes announced by the Government and made available to all academies and state-funded schools in England. The grant is designed to help close the education gap between disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils and their peers. Schools are expected to prioritise these pupils however, schools have the flexibility to decide which pupils need the most support to help them catch-up on missed education.

This is a subsidised tutoring programme where the government pays 75% of the costs to designated providers and schools are required to pay the other 25% out of their catch up premium funding.

Schools can choose between using internal teaching staff, sourcing local tutors or giving students access to online tutoring. At Little Mead Primary Academy we chose to use this funding to deliver evidence based intervention programmes delivered by existing, highly skilled teaching staff. Our school led tutoring plan can be downloaded below: